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About Desh Videsh Live

The COVID-19 shutdown has been challenging and filled with uncertainty. From missed milestones to feeling isolated, young and old have struggled with this experience. As a means to bring the community together and alleviate some of the anxiety and stress caused by the COVID-19 shutdown, Desh Videsh Media Group, in collaboration with community groups, has spearheaded a new project.

We hope to brighten your days by bringing Desh-Videsh live video performances directly to you in your living room.

These video performances feature special messages and interviews of community leaders, successful business persons and political leaders. It will also include special messages and interviews of young and talented high school and college students including Valedictorians/Salutatorians.

If you are a community leader or talented student and would like to share your experience, please visit the website www.deshvideshlive.com and register as a speaker to provide your contact information.

This is a community based project so we would love you to share information about this project to your friends and family members. We also love to hear from you how to improve this program.